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Tommette de Sauvain au Lait cru de Vache Bio

A word from the cheese maturer : “The result of a four-handed creation! A fresh hazelnut taste! “

Type : Semi-Soft

Milk :  Raw cow’s milk

Production : Craft

Country :  France

Location :  Auvergne Rhône Alpes, Loire

Taste :Hazelnut

Appearance : Grey down with yellow pigmentation, ivory paste

Texture : Very present crust, unctuous or even creamy paste

Composition : Raw cow’s milk, lactic and ripening ferments, rennet, salt

Wine pairing : Dry white (Chardonnay) – Light red (Côte Roannaise)

Beer pairing : Lager

Production : This tommette is made at the Laiterie de la Côte Roannaise. The maturing process lasts 6 weeks.

History : The Tommette de Sauvain is a creation of Hubert Tarit, slightly twisted by Hervé Mons, so it is a four-handed production.

The idea is to make a soft, even creamy cheese with a fresh hazelnut taste. The technology used is not unlike that of Reblochon, but the taste is different. This cheese is rubbed and matured in salted water for 3 weeks. The ideal tasting is after 6 weeks of maturing.

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