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Fourme de Montbrison AOP au lait cru de vache artisanale

A word from the cheese maturer : “A fine, powerful and elegant blue”

Type : Blue cheese

Milk : Raw cow’s milk 

Production : Craft 

Country : France

Location : Auvergne Rhône Alpes, Loire, Haut Forez

Taste : Undergrowth in autumn, more present in the nose than in the mouth

Appearance : A beautiful pale orange crust, a blond paste with blue veins

Texture : A fairly dense chew, persistent in the mouth

Composition : Raw cow’s milk, lactic and ripening ferments, rennet, salt, penicillium Roqueforti

Wine pairing : A red wine from the Côtes du Forez

Beer pairing : Wheat beer

Recipe idea : The texture of the Fourme cheese holds up perfectly during cooking and retains all its creaminess. Have you tried a few slices of raw ham or sausage, potatoes, gherkins, all accompanied by a good salad? The perfect combo to accompany our Fourme de Montbrison.

History : The origin of Fourme de Montbrison dates back to the 9th century, as can be seen in the frontispiece of a chapel dating from this period, where a stone carved in the shape of a cheese can be seen. This Fourme cheese was produced in summer dwellings called jasseries. Our Fourme, produced by the Fromagerie des Hautes Chaumes, is made in a traditional way by collecting the milk from two farms.

It is matured in the natural cellars of the cheese dairy located in Sauvain in the Monts du Forez. This rather dense cheese with a subtle blue colour is quite different from the Fourme d’Ambert, its cousin.


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